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A house to explore under the big roof

We designed a house surrounded by greenery, offering a comfortable life, on a flagpole plot created by dividing the land of a former prominent family.
Centered around a spacious living room where the family of four can gather, the home features formal spaces such as a study where the husband, who works in a research position, can concentrate on his work even when working remotely, and a kitchen where the wife, a culinary researcher, can hold classes and film cooking videos. Private spaces such as a bathroom where guests can recover from the day's fatigue and reset their bodies, and a nook where guests can relax in casual attire are all arranged in a sequential flow of movement, weaving a story into everyday life.
The square exterior and simple gable roof were chosen to ensure economic efficiency, while the SE construction method was used for the large space's framework. Allowable stress calculations were carried out to create asset value for the building, and the plan was created to allow for flexible living across generations, in line with future lifestyles.
The flooring is made of tiles and hardwood, while cedar and cypress from Kyoto Prefecture are used for the walls and ceiling, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Indirect lighting is used to create a lighting plan that brings out the texture of the wood even more.

Site: Confidential

Status: competition

Year: 2020

Program: Residence

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