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First-class architectural office

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Registration No. 65206

Established: April 1, 2020

Capital: 3,000,000 yen

Employees: 6 (4 first-class architects, 1 second-class construction accountant)

Address: 2-1-3-1001 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027


Business Contents

  • Surveys, research and publications on architectural design and urban landscape

  • Design proposals for architecture, interiors, lighting, etc.

  • Hosting educational events on architectural design and urban experiences

  • Taking photos of completed buildings and creating a completion album

  • Creation of construction models and presentation materials

  • Construction design and interior design-related information gathering and dissemination

  • Proposals and consulting regarding computer-assisted drawing and design

  • All businesses related to the above items

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