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Broaden your world with architectural design and urban experience.

Combining digital skills such as 3D and parametric design with the abundant practical experience of a first-class architect, we create architectural designs that stimulate the five human senses and propose new urban experiences based on researches on streetscapes and spatial perception.


2024.05.01 SINGAPORE / OSAKA added to Design

2024.01.09 house F added to Design

2023.06.16 The renovation of the main hall of Hoshinji Temple added to Design

2023.04.01 The company name has changed to "Tetsuki Nakakura Architecture and Urban Design, Inc."

2022.12.10 house M added to Design

2022.09.27 Dancing Leaves added to Design

2022.06.02 The About page has been updated.

2022.05.13 The paper of which the representative is the lead author has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Architecture and Planning, Architectural Institute of Japan, Vol. 87, No. 801, November 2022.

2021.08.03 Human Nature Harmony added to Design



We pursue the possibilities of design, from architectural spaces to interior design/graphics.



Introducing surveys and research that enrich the experience of urban landscapes and architectural spaces

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