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In Manhattan

Research on streetscapes

University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Master's Program

Master's thesis: "Study on streetscapes in Manhattan: Street rhythms and district characteristics viewed as a series of microscopic relationships"

After unraveling the transitions in Manhattan's streetscape that have taken shape over the 200 years since the zoning was carried out by the Commissioners Plan of 1811, we introduced a new evaluation method that microscopically captures the relationship with nearby buildings and categorizes the streetscape by patterns of continuity, thereby analyzing and evaluating the continuity of the streetscape created by individual buildings on a surface-by-surface basis. Based on this, we also specifically indicated areas where it is possible to increase the volume without damaging the streetscape, and provided feedback to urban planning and legal systems, demonstrating the high versatility of this new evaluation standard.

Site: Manhattan, NY

Year: 2015

Program: Urban Planning

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