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TOKYO 2020

Dawn of Cities

Super-large panoramic photographs of six cities: Ginza, Omotesando, Shibuya, Marunouchi/Hibiya, Akihabara, and Daikanyama.

While the Olympics have led to the renewal of every aspect of the city, there are countless challenges that cities and the construction industry will face in the next quarter century, such as an oversupply of office buildings due to speculative factors and a labor shortage due to the aging of craftsmen. Therefore, we thought it would be an opportunity to quietly confront the architectural works of our predecessors once again, turn our attention to the ideas and cultures of each era and region, and gain insights into the future.

Facing a city that is constantly changing and expressing thoughts about it is not something that is limited to those who have studied architecture, urban planning, landscape design, etc. Rather, discussion among each and every person living in the city is essential to fostering civic pride and improving literacy regarding the urban landscape. It would be a great joy if this ultra-high resolution panoramic photograph, 100,000 pixels wide, could spark multifaceted discussion and small discoveries.


Status: in progress

Year: 2020

Program: Publication / Archive

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