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As the name [-K+SO] suggests, the kitchen is located in the common area, and instead a small office is provided in each unit, proposing a base of operations that combines work and residence, where entrepreneurs can pour all their passion into their work.

By consolidating the core of vertical traffic flow, the area of the private area is maximized, and the latest security measures are used to restrict the entry of outsiders - is this ideology really compatible with modern-day residential and work-life combination housing? The way we work and live has changed considerably since the old days of housing complexes, when a working husband would come home from work and enjoy family time with his wife and children at home, but the design concept of rental housing remains outdated. Therefore, in this proposal, we have assumed that the residents will be entrepreneurs, and have designed a base of operations where they can pour all their passion into their work. They are full of vitality and have highly specialized skills, but are starved for money and time. As self-actualization and work coincide, they prefer work to three meals a day, and crave exposure to society over privacy. If the function of the residence is reconfigured based on their lifestyle, the kitchen will inevitably be pushed out of the private area and into the common area, and meals will be redefined as a place to interact with others, that is, as a business opportunity. In addition, the common area will be fully opened to the owner's office, and it is assumed that employees and clients will use it at all times. In that case, it won't be a problem if the living space is a little cramped or if the toilet doubles as an office. Instead, they will likely prioritize improving the common areas, such as a restaurant, gym, co-working space, photo studio, conference room, and rooftop garden, in order to secure profits for the entire facility and ultimately reduce rent. In the kitchen, residents sometimes cook themselves, while those hoping to open a restaurant may offer samples as a marketing tool. More than four times as many people as residents use the common areas 24 hours a day, and the facility, which is equipped with car-sharing and bicycle-sharing services, will link with the nearby subway network and will surely function to the fullest as a base for visitors. Here we propose rental housing as a base of activity where the overflowing energy of residents can intersect.

Site: n/a

Status: competition

Year: 2020

Program: Residence + Office

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