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iraka 6D surface

The performance of clay roofing tiles is unquestionable, with durability, heat insulation, fire resistance, soundproofing, etc. However, the original appeal of clay roofing tiles is the beauty of their form that has been cultivated in traditional Japanese architecture. Therefore, we deliberately treated tiles as objects in interior spaces, with the intention of rediscovering the possibilities of spatial design through their inherent beauty of form.

The tiles released into the space are arranged in three dimensions along the rotating body of a catenary curve created by gravity, and each tile placed on this virtual curved surface exudes a presence as a three-dimensional object, creating a six-dimensional aesthetic that combines the organic dynamism of the entire space with the delicate expressions of each individual element.

As a concrete example of such a space, we imagined a hotel entrance lobby, where the roof tiles embody the "spirit of hospitality" that combines Japanese tradition and formality with an enterprising spirit.

Site: n/a

Status: competition

Year: 2020

Program: interior design

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