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Gin Auberge

A proposal to renovate the former Kinoshita family home, who made their fortune through tatara ironworks and forestry. The plan is to convert the house into an auberge (a high-end restaurant with accommodation facilities) to brand the "wood education" initiative being promoted by Nichinan Town, Hino County, Tottori Prefecture, and to promote it throughout Japan and the world. The proposal is to differentiate and monetize the establishment by installing a craft gin distillation system, and to gradually expand the scope of the renovation while building a core fanbase across the country through hometown tax donations and crowdfunding. The intention is to foster civic pride and contribute to the revitalization of Nichinan Town as a whole.

Site: Nichinan Town, Hino District, Tottori Prefecture

Status: Proposal

Year: 2021

Program: Auberge

Award: Professional Category Excellent Design Award

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