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Kumamoto Artpolis Project

Tatsutayama Rest Forest Festival Square

Public Toilet Design Competition 2020

This toilet was designed with the hope that it would become a place where people passing by could rest their feet for a moment and get ready to explore further. Just as a migratory bird stops on a perch to rest its feet before flying off again, we have provided a place where people of all ages and genders can casually drop in, get ready to enjoy nature, and then extend their journey further.

Making full use of standardized 60*90mm wood from Kumamoto Prefecture, and combining it while changing the angle and length parametrically, a generous, organic curved surface that blends in with the curves of the earth was created, creating a "pathway perch" in the resting forest.


We hope that the chance encounters here will lead to new communication.

Site: 熊本県市北区乗越ヶ丘

Status: competition

Year: 2020

Program: Public Toilet

Result: 選外佳作

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